The Reliability Factor of Custom Tubing

The importance of small diameter custom tubing can be as easily overlooked as the necessity of a pen cap—unless you’re the end user in a life-saving capacity who depends upon the custom tube to function reliably to help you do your job.

While a pen cap is obviously less mission-critical than that of custom tubing, of course, the principals are the same. For a product to perform properly, it is imperative that all the components are of the highest quality to ensure it meets those standards of performance.

For equipment that requires custom tubing–whether it’s a custom tube utilized in a cardiac catheter packaging that may later be inserted into a patient’s heart to keep him alive or custom tubes used in pharmaceutical lab equipment to dispense liquid. The custom tube must meet numerous quality standards, in this case, to be puncture and wear-resistant, flexible, and act as a protective barrier to outside elements that could compromise its function.

People would be surprised to learn about how much design, planning and quality control goes into manufacturing these perfectly cylindrical, small diameter custom tubing; and how each custom tube is manufactured to maximize performance depending on the specific application.

Is the custom tube for a one-time use? Will it be exposed to heat? Which type of thermoplastic should the custom tube be manufactured in – PVC, Nylon, or Tecoflex™?

From medical facilities to electronic companies– numerous industries depend upon manufacturers who specialize in small diameter custom tubing, companies like A.P. Extrusion who work with their customers to ensure quality is never compromised.

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2 Responses to “The Reliability Factor of Custom Tubing”

  1. Juanita says:

    This article gives a very clear picture of the importance of small diameter custom tubing in the modern applications of the world. Small diameter tubing is used extensively in the medical industry and it is imperative that these are made with high grade materials using the most advanced of equipments in order to ensure their quality.

    Custom tubes are highly specialized and are manufactured specifically for whatever purpose they are going to serve. It is not possible to manufacture them in bulk and use them indiscriminately. Every application requires some specific qualities in the custom tube being used and it should be ensured that we always produce custom tubes with their end purpose in mind.

  2. bob says:

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