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The Places You’ll Go With Flexible Plastic Tubing

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

What is it about flexible plastic tubing exactly that makes it such a sought after tubing product?
Actually, the answer is rather simple as to why companies from automotive to medical or even home hobbyists for that matter, select flexible plastic tubing—it’s due to its availability in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and thermoplastics that provide for such diverse uses of flexible tubing.
Not only do these qualities make flexible plastic tubing an attractive choice, but also because flexible plastic tube is easily accessible to the marketplace that makes it a primary choice, particularly in a pinch. And it’s easy to install.

However, one is not only left to the stock availability of flexible plastic tubing at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

For industries requiring very specific design features of flexible plastic tubing for their equipment, they have access to custom plastic manufacturers who can readily assist them with their small diameter flexible plastic tubing needs. Now while the need could be as simple as installing a small diameter flexible plastic tube to finish off a connection in an airline; to those who require a more sophisticated flexible tubing solution such as that which may be replaced in a medical device used in the critical care of a patient during dialysis—the design of a small diameter flexible tubing requires a systematic approach in both design and manufacturing.

It should be reassuring for customers to know that flexible plastic tubing offers as much in terms of reliable performance for a water injection system as it does for a multi-fiber optical cable. But whatever the application, companies should consult with a custom plastic manufacturing company to have the added assurance that are using a highly quality flexible plastic tubing product.

But Wait! There’s more…about flexible plastic tubing

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

The ability to manipulate flexible plastic tubing is what gives this product its cache. You can bend plastic flexible tubes, twist it, snake it through tight spots, and bend flexible plastic tubes around sharp corners. And regardless of what it’s exposed to, high quality plastic flexible tubing will continue to adhere to its properties no matter how demanding the application.

And yes there is more…

Companies who use flexible plastic tubing for the transfer of fluids and chemicals often have the flexible plastic tubing manufactured in a variety of colors and shapes. This facilitates in implementing efficient maintenance procedures as they can quickly make identifications as to what fluid is being delivered through which plastic flexible tube. While color coding flexible plastic tubes may also be manufactured for aesthetic reasons because the plastic flexible tube is exposed, it is also selected for its high performance reliability; as the extra strength of flexible plastic tubing allows it to be used for higher pressure and high temperature applications—particular in applications where it is necessary that the flexible plastic tubing meets FDA regulations.

But what there’s still more…

Flexible plastic tubing is not only utilized in the food and beverage industry and in chemical companies, it can also be used by those in the medical industry. Plastic flexible tubes are the ideal material to be used for endoscopes.

When else would you need a plastic tube to be flexible other than in this invasive procedure?