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Have it your way—but can it be manufactured?

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Unless you’re a design engineer of custom made tubing you may not be as curious as to how custom tubing is made, or why it is important to consider custom tubes specifications closely before embarking on the manufacturing process.

More often times than not, tube designers push the manufacturing envelope when they design custom made tube with requirements that are not necessarily advantageous for the products intended use. It’s not intentional to make the manufacturing process of custom tube more difficult, rather a goal of developing the perfect end product.

But what they should be asking themselves during the design phase is, “what are our critical requirements for this product?” Otherwise, what is often realized too late can be costly and also cause delays in production of the custom made tube. To avoid such stumbling blocks, there are several criteria that tube designers should consider during the custom tubing planning process:

  • Material specification – have you considered the best thermoplastic suited to the application of the custom made tube?
  • Configurations – are your design specifications realistic so that the custom tubes can be manufactured?
  • Manufacturability – is your design dimensions and tolerances feasible and would you consider re-evaluating your tolerances to facilitate the process of making a high quality custom made tube more efficiently?

From the time that plastic was first introduced into mass production, custom tubing companies have been afforded the opportunity to create a myriad of products from extruded plastic rods to single-lumen tubing. And like the world of imagination, custom made tubes have endless possibilities—but proper planning will make it a success.

The Wizard of Rods…Extruded Plastic Rods that is…

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

There’s no one hiding behind a curtain in the manufacturing facility of custom tubing companies, but what should be visible is their breadth of capabilities, to ensure that the extruded plastic rods required for your project are developed using high quality control standards.

If you’re a design engineer in the process of new product development and the specifications call for a specialized small diameter extruded plastic rod—how do you select a custom manufacturer who can deliver a superior end product?

If you’re unsure, ask key questions suited to your industry standards before you order extruded plastic rod. Such as for those in the medical industry who need extruded medical tubing for over the wire catheters. Are the extruded medical tubes manufactured in a Class10,000 Clean Room?

If you’re in food and beverage industry and need extruded PVC to transfer liquids, is the manufacturer complying with FDA regulations?

Of course, the uses of small diameter extruded plastic rod are quite diverse, and are needed for other applications other than those noted above. Extruded plastic rods and pipe can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and colors to best suit the application, and can me made in a variety of thermoplastic materials.

Regardless of your extruded plastic rod requirements, whether you need extruded polystyrene or extruded polypropylene, do your research first. As there really is a manufacturer out there who is the Wizard of Rods to get you where you need to go.