July 19, 2024

In today’s competitive and economically challenging environment, the time it takes to introduce a new product to the marketplace has an enormous impact on a company’s ability to stay ahead of its competitors.

Anyone in business knows that introducing a new product even one day later than your competition can have negative consequences that can affect a company’s market share and bottom line.

However, 3D rapid prototype manufacturing allows companies to quickly move a product from the design engineers’ drawing board into the hands of its customers that meet both their needs and their price point.

Due to its efficiency and flexibility in the product development process, rapid prototype manufacturing assists manufacturers in reducing their ‘design-to-product’ expenses. With rapid prototype manufacturing, companies can shorten development cycles; thereby allowing them to respond to the increasing demand by its customers for more improved and innovative products, who also expect a fast turn-around.

During the prototyping phase, engineers can easily identify problems in design such as functionality, durability, and quality. Rapid prototype manufacturing refines the manufacturing process and removes design and production hurdles that otherwise may be been impossible or economically unfeasible in the past with more conventional prototyping methods.

Utilized by commercial industries from aerospace to automotive, rapid prototype manufacturing is adopted by those design engineers who are want opportunities to enhance the design of their products. The advanced technology of rapid prototype manufacturing has provided tremendous strategic advantages for companies who recognize that they need to reduce expensive production processes, improve product quality, and gain market share, in order to stay competitive.

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