June 24, 2024

What defines courage?

Short list: strength, confidence and taking action despite the conditions that threaten your success. While the definition of courage is subjective, for those who work in the medical industry that have to demonstrate courage at every turn, it requires those attributes and many more. But believe it or not, one of their single most important tools to assist them is extruded profiles.

Extruded profiles are utilized in a variety of applications from medical device components, processing aids and medical instruments. Something as simple as a PVC plastic tube acts as a conduit to sustain life in many cases; such as that used as a catheter that’s inserted into a patient’s heart. And having high quality PVC extruded profiles provides this life-saving equipment with the versatility, flexibility and durability it needs to assist medical personnel to do their job.

So, when custom tubing manufacturers and design engineers are in the development phase of extruded profiles, they take into consideration the end user of the product and the extruded profile application. It’s not just a matter of ensuring that profile extrusions are cost-effective to satisfy the bottom line, but they also need to take into account particular parameters during the design of the extruded profiles to ensure it will perform during any mission-critical application.

Characteristics such as, will the PVC profile extrusion:

Perform reliably

Be resistant to chemicals

Demonstrate UV and heat stability

Maintain rigidity

After all, its these parameters and more that medical professionals rely upon to ensure that the extruded profiles they are utilizing, whether made in urethanes, PVC, or custom compounds will facilitate the success of any medical procedure.

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