June 24, 2024

If you’ve ever wondered why Extruded Plastic Tubing has found its way into nearly every industry, from food and beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical and of course the medical field, the answer is simple. Because of its inherent properties of being malleable enough to be manufactured in a range of thermoplastics, in a variety of shapes and tolerances, extruded tubing can be made-to-order by custom tubing manufacturers.

In working with design engineers, the manufacturers will help develop a custom extruded plastic tubing product. The thermoplastic that is selected to make the extruded plastic tubing is dependent of course on the application for which it is used. Does the extruded plastic tubing need to be durable, rigid, or need to sustain extreme temperature variations? If so, the PVC may be chosen when it is necessary that the extruded plastic tube be fire and flame resistant.

Does the extruded tube need to comply with USDA, FDA, LE, and UL standards?

Should the extruded plastic tube be utilized in the food industry, then it will likely be manufactured in ABS to help comply with FDA requirements?

Under what conditions will the extruded tubing be exposed? If the extruded tube is exposed to abrasion and friction, then urethane may be specified. If size is important, most custom tubing manufacturers, particularly those who specialize in small diameter extruded plastic tubing can accommodate the most exacting specifications with tolerances to .00025″ From all-purpose extruded plastic tube to extruded tubing need for a unique application made to order extruded tubing is the way to go.

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