June 24, 2024

The extrusion configurations available for multi lumen plastic tubing are vast.

As a matter of fact, some would say the design options in manufacturing multi lumen tubes are essentially limitless. And the more options available the better opportunities design engineers will be afforded to advance the technology of the products for which multi lumen tubing is often used. Let’s think about multi lumen tubes it for a moment.

Some of the minimally invasive surgeries performed today that now use small diameter medical lumen tubes produce little scarring, speed recovery, and allow for shorter hospitization such as with an angioplasty. In the past it would have involved a more extensive surgical procedure, caused heavy scarring and discomfort, as well as an expensive and lengthy hospital stay.

One of the reasons for this procedure’s success is dependent about custom tubing manufacturers making multi lumen tubing in tight tolerances ”0.0005 in. This accommodates the small space restrictions without depleting the quality of the medical lumen tubes performance, such as maintaining flexibility and being kink-resistant.

Now in examining specialty medical instrumentation due to rapid advances in today’s medical devices, medical lumen tubing is often manufactured with up to eight lumens. This is done to accommodate all the various wiring for the equipment’s function. Yet it’s often specified that the tolerances also be tightened so that procedure can be performed in smaller spaces.

Even at this quick glimpse, it’s obvious that the more advances the medical industry makes the greater the need for innovation in producing more medical lumen tubing in smaller diameters.

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