June 24, 2024

Thermoplastics, a polymer so powerful that not only do they sustain the business of the custom plastic manufacturing industry, but it also sustains the lives of people.

This highly desirable material allows customer plastic manufacturing companies to produce custom plastic tubing in a wide variety of compounds and configurations like custom plastic striped tubing with Radiopaques material suited to allow for visibility under fluoroscopic examinations, or multi-colored plastic tubing used to enhance maintenance traceability.

But why is that important that there are numerous thermoplastics for product engineers to choose from when developing their products? More often times than not to make custom plastic tubing in one of the available thermoplastics on the market have been a matter of life or death. For people who suffer from sleep apnea, custom plastic tubing made from C-Flex used in oxygen therapy better facilitates their respiratory flow.

For those in the medical profession, they rely upon the puncture-resistant and flexible properties of Texin for custom plastic tubing used for catheters. And because of the increasing advancements in medical devices, a thermoplastic, such as Pebax is gaining popularity in that marketplace. This compound is used to make custom plastic tubing used in non-invasive surgical devices that has also allowed for advances in surgical technology.

With a keen eye toward the future, experienced custom plastic manufacturing facilities are working with their customers to continually make improvements in the design of their custom plastic tubing. Whether it’s to manufacture flexible plastic tubing for electronic equipment or minimizing the tolerances of a custom plastic product needed for a medical device, by working together the innovative results are making the custom plastic tubing industry a market to watch.

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