June 24, 2024

With dual wall tubing, what you see on the outside is not all that you get. Flexible. Moisture proof. Heat-shrinkable. What more could ask of dual wall tubing? While the outer jacket is comprised of an abrasion resistance material necessary for strength and durability, its inner chamber is made of a compound that protects against environmental conditions like water, moisture and corrosion.

What you may not realize is that its tensile strength is suitable for use for auto wires, shipping cables, and bundle wires. Yet dual wall tubing is constructed of a meltable adhesive liner that will permit it to heat shrink which helps to form a protective barrier over the wiring protecting it from chemicals and oils. This symbiotic relationship of dual wall tubing is necessary to ensure both layers maintain its properties.

While many other tubing’s performance is compromised by extreme weather fluctuations, flexing or by severe vibration, dual wall tubing can absorb the strain like a pro.

Are you considering dual wall tubing for marine and wire splices? It’s the best alternative to heavy wall tubing. And taking into consideration the constant exposure to water and moisture in this particular application, dual wall tubing will provide protection.

Perhaps dual wall tubing is need for shipping cables? Its corrosion resistance properties make it an ideal choice. Regardless of the application for which it is being used, dual wall tubing is constructed to deliver optimum performance.

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